NYU Game Center Showcase 2021

Day 1 - Game Center Showcase Recording

Day 2 - Game Center Showcase Recording

NYU Game Center Showcase 2021

Development Info:

Role: Producer, Designer, and Artist
Company: New York University
Tools Used: Twitch, OBS, Google Sheets
Duration: Feb-May 2021
Team Size: 10



Day 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7-C6yhBjQY&t=1799s
Day 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOAms0B1j2g&t=3192s


Showcase Description:

"The NYU Game Center Showcase takes place every May and is the culminating event of our academic year. Our students exhibit their games, research, and projects to a public audience. You are likely to find screen-based video games, tabletop board and card games, mixed-media installations, high-energy sports, and any other kind of game project you can think of. The Showcase is open to the public, drawing upwards of five hundred guests each year, including recruiters, investors, academics, independent developers, and journalists."



Excel based product backlog:
- Scheduled such that the showcase was ready with plenty of runway by the showcase date

Remote Zoom communication:
- Led and attended meetings weekly to discuss sprints

External Collaboration:
- Worked with a freelance artist who created a poster and virtual visual assets
- Contacted and confirmed with potential guest hosts

- Copy wrote and edited for emails, invites, and external websites


What I Learned:

With the NYU Showcase Committee, I worked with a remote team of ten to schedule, design, develop, and write copy. I was exposed to planning, and running a show start to finish. I affirmed my knowledge in effectively collaborating across teams and different roles, internally and externally.

Key Learnings:
How to work with and negotiate a rate with a commissioned artist. Empowering yourself to be kind, forthright, and firm about what both you and the artist need is key.
Planning a schedule for an online show. There are many people, from the showcasees to the guest hosts to consider when planning an event.
Keeping people accountable for the things they say they’ll do, and reconfiguring plans when the production schedule is not followed.

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