NYU Game Center Showcase 2021
NYU Game Center Showcase 2021

The NYU Game Center Showcase is an opportunity for budding and long-standing professionals to share their work with the world.

Watch here:
Day 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z7-C6yhBjQY&t=1799s
Day 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TOAms0B1j2g&t=3192s

See the website here: https://gamecenter.nyu.edu/event/nyu-game-center-showcase-2021/

"The NYU Game Center Showcase takes place every May and is the culminating event of our academic year. Our students exhibit their games, research, and projects to a public audience. You are likely to find screen-based video games, tabletop board and card games, mixed-media installations, high-energy sports, and any other kind of game project you can think of. The Showcase is open to the public, drawing upwards of five hundred guests each year, including recruiters, investors, academics, independent developers, and journalists."

In Spring 2021, for the safety of the community, the showcase was entirely online, on twitch.tv.

In February, the 2021, 10-person Showcase Committee met for the first time. We set out a production plan and schedule, as well as a weekly meeting time to ensure those goals and deadlines were met. This plan included all the things the previous shows needed, such as a theme, a date, and a poster, as well as the things specifically necessary now that the show was online, such as someone to run OBS and virtual visual assets to aid in presentation.

Luckily for us, the previous year's showcase was also online, so we had lots to learn from. To keep hosts from a grueling 6-8 hours on camera, we split the show between two days. This had the added benefit of making the show even more accessible for people to present their games: if they were busy one, they could show the other! We also modified the various OBS plugins to streamline the presentation process and safeguard against technical difficulties. We met every week up until the final showcase, writing copy, sending email invites to friends and colleagues, finding NYU faculty and external professionals to host, and working with an external artist to create a poster and visual assets for the show.

On May 20th and 21st, 2021, the Game Center Showcase aired on twitch.tv to over 300 viewers and an extremely active live chat. Six guest hosts and two NYU faculty hosts showcased 27 distinct digital and physical games for six hours over the course of two days.

Poster by Rebeka Dunlap: https://www.rrebekkaa.com/

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