House Haunters
House Haunters

Development Info:

Role: Producer, Designer, and Artist
Company: MassDigi
Tools Used: Miro, Agile Scrum, Unity, Plastic SCM, Adobe Photoshop, Premiere, Illustrator, Animate
Duration: May – August 2021
Team Size: 6


Game Info:

Genre: Turn-Based Fighting
Platform: IOS, Android
Project Status: Launched







Game Description:

Fight your way through haunted houses to make a quick buck in House Haunters, a turn-based strategy game. Rid each house of the ghosts haunting the furniture, sell the property, and fight through the neighborhood!



- Management of three week brainstorming and pre-production cycle
- Concept art and art direction facilitation
- Setting time constraints on drawn out arguments during design meetings
- Scrum management
- Designed, illustrated, and animated enemies
- Created and facilitated 82-page art bible
- Recorded and edited video footage for gameplay trailer


What I Learned:

At Mass Digi, I produced a small, in person team remotely using Agile Scrum. I was exposed to creating a game with user engagement and analytics in mind. It helped me understand how a mobile game studio with multiple projects being produced across many teams works.

Key Learnings:

- Setting up precedents is super important!! Helping your team set up healthy boundaries and establishing strong working practice, such as no working on weekends and scheduled and timed standup meetings, create a confident, comfortable, and safe environment for every member of the team.

- Sometimes you just have to say when!! If a team is deliberating on a decision for hours, across meetings, for days, on some random decision like, oh, to pick a random nonspecific one, whether to make a mobile game horizontal or vertical, sometimes you just have to set a deadline and pick one person to make the decision, even, and especially, if you don’t like it.

- Agile Scrum is about what works best for your team, always!! If your team has a stress point with the methods you’re using, work with them to change it right away! Communication is extraordinarily, immensely important, so, in addition to keeping an eye on what you yourself can see, establishing dedicated space for easy communication, especially across remote teams, can help the team say themselves what problems they’re having.

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