House Haunters
House Haunters

Fight your way through haunted houses to make a quick buck in House Haunters, a turn-based strategy game. Rid each house of the ghosts haunting the furniture, sell the property, and fight through the neighborhood!

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My role on this team was primarily production, with a hand in visual and game design.

The first challenge was our allotted pre-production time of three weeks. We brainstormed a dozen ideas, first by thinking of feasible genres, then attaching a theme to it. We discussed with other project teams and our marketing team to narrow down to just three, which we then began elaboration on. We discussed each idea's level of work and sketched possible art styles for each. In the end House Haunters, our very first idea, won out both with us and our marketing team.

Each member of the team was immensely talented, but also very strong willed. Everyone had very different opinions about the way the game should be designed and presented. There were long, drawn out arguments for everything from the genre to the way it should be oriented on the phone. To solve this, I would set times by which decisions had to be made, When that didn't work, I delegated one person- whose role most made sense- to make the decision on the spot. In example, the person who decided the genre of the game was the lead designer.

During production, we began using a Miro-based Kanban board to track over 150 tasks and goals across disciplines. I facilitated twice-daily sprint meetings, one at the day's start to discuss the day's goals, and one at the end to talk about what team members achieved and what their plan was for the next day. Once a week (or more as necessary) we held design meetings to talk across disciplines and decide how we needed to adjust our plans to best meet our goals and deadlines. For the last two weeks of our project, I created a calendar on the Miro board to more visually represent tasks.

The Miro board is viewable here:

The final project was a fully playable mobile game for Android and iPhone tablets and phones. In the background, there is an 82-page art bible, quick start guide, and fully commented code base to assist future MassDigi teams to continue work on House Haunters.

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